Caldwell's Orange Peel Targets let you see hits on and off the bullseye with dual-color, flake-off technology that makes your hits look like colorful explosions. If your shot happens to miss the bullseye, you know exactly where your bullet strayed instantly. To make things even easier, the vibrant contrasting colors make the target stick out like a sore thumb with any background, even at long distances. Orange Peel targets are available in bullseye or sighting-in style targets and in multiple sizes.

5.5" round bullseye on each peel-and-stick dual-color flake-off sheet

Product Specifications
Ammo Type Centerfire
Auto Resetting No
Enhancement Color Chartreuse/White
Illustration Bullseye
Impact Enhancement Yes
Manufacturer CALDWELL
Material Adhesive Paper
Mount Type Self-Adhesive
Quantity 10 Pack
Size 5.5"
Type Flake Off

Caldwell Orange Peel Bullseye Targets 5.5", 10 Sheet Pack - 550-010

  • Manufacturer: CALDWELL
  • Manufacturer Product Id: 550-010
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