• Caldwell Orange Peel Bullseye Targets 4
The black surface of the Caldwell Orange Peel Target flakes off on impact to reveal a green ring around the bullet hole. Unlike other targets, Orange peel targets also show bullet impact outside of the bulls eye. The orange background flakes off to reveal a white ring.

Four 4" round bullseyes on each peel-and-stick dual-color flake-off sheet

Product Specifications
Ammo Type Centerfire
Auto Resetting No
Enhancement Color Chartreuse/White
Illustration Bullseye
Impact Enhancement Yes
Manufacturer CALDWELL
Material Adhesive Paper
Mount Type Self-Adhesive
Quantity 10 Pack
Size 4"
Type Flake Off

Caldwell Orange Peel Bullseye Targets 4", 10 Sheet Pack - 410-864

  • Manufacturer: CALDWELL
  • Manufacturer Product Id: 410-864
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