• Butler Creek Flip Open Scope Cover 10 EYE 1.516
The ultimate eyepiece protection for hunters and shooters, Flip-Open scope covers are custom fit to your scope, create a watertight, airtight seal, and open with a touch of your thumb, so you can put your shot through the narrow window of opportunity in the most extreme conditions. An ergonomic button with a non-slip surface for one touch action operates the fast, flip-open design with a silent hinge to keep your eye on the target and not spook game. It weighs less than an ounce and has been tested to -40 degrees F.
Product Specifications
Dimensions 1.516"
Finish Black
FinishColor Black
Material Polymer
Mount Type Slip On
Scope Model 10
Type Eye Piece Cover

Butler Creek Flip Open Scope Cover 10 EYE 1.516" (38.5MM) - M020100

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