• Buffalo Bore Ammo 23E/20 40 S&W Lead-Free Barnes TAC-XP 140GR 20Box/12Case
This is a high performance STANDARD PRESSURE 40 S&W loading, which means it is safe to fire in all 40 S&W firearms that are in normal operating condition. The light weight 140gr. all copper Barnes bullet will mushroom readily, yet penetrate as deeply as a typical 180gr. JHP style bullet, while generating the low recoil and fast velocities of a light weight projectile. This aids in fast/accurate follow-up shots. Expect roughly 13 to 14 inches of penetration in flesh and bone. This load utilizes a flash suppressed powder, which gives the shooter an important tactical advantage as most shootings in the US occur in low light when the criminal element is most active. Firing to save your life in the dark is likely if you find yourself forced to fire. Blinding yourself with your own gunfire, after the first shot, leaves you very vulnerable.
Product Specifications
Application Performance/Protection
Boxes Per Case 12
Bullet Type Barnes TAC-XP
Bullet Weight 140 GR
Caliber 40 Smith & Wesson (S&W)
Muzzle Energy 525 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity 1300 fps
Rounds Per Box 20

Buffalo Bore Ammo 23E/20 40 S&W Lead-Free Barnes TAC-XP 140GR 20Box/12Case

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